With only one kid still left at home – my gorgeous Samantha moved out with some girlfriends last month – I’ve been going around the house, poking into corners and feeling like my space needed an overhaul. Time moves so fast. Things change. I have one less smiley face to greet me at the end of a long day ( yeah, right…) and so I’m counting on my hometo fill the void. Like Oprah, and now her protege Nate Berkus, says “Your home should rise up to greet you”.  Well, my home’s been a bit of a couch potato lately.

Enter Design*SpongeBetter AfterVintage Revivals and a whole slew of other DIY decor blogs I’ve been devouring lately. I just know with their help I can turn my ‘almost there’ rooms into design magic.

Gotta start with the before pics. These are projects I plan on tackling, one by one, if the weather ever allows me to get outside and paint. These are also incredible finds I’ve come across at thrift stores around town …because I love vintage stuff full of character… and I love a bargain.

Cool coffee table, right? I love the space age, curved metal legs and glass. I have a general idea of how I’m going to update this table but I still find it hard to put on that first stroke of paint over wood, even when it’s dinged.

This strange looking wall unit was discovered at Salvation Army for $24. Solid wood, and I mean it’s heavy! It’s kinda funky because the cabinet part has identical doors on either side, making it really versatile. I think it was originally a room divider thingy. Maybe.

Upon first viewing it against the wall in my dining room (a temporary location), my son casually asked me “So…how much was that thing?”. “24 bucks”, I said, ready to defend my purchase. “I’ll give you 30″, he quickly countered. Yes! I must have scored if he liked it! He’s a tough critic! It’s in great shape and just needs me to figure out what to do with it to make it even better.

Just wait til you see how I’m going to transform this wonderful solid oak dining table! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be stripped, sanded and then stained an inky black. This was another Sally Anne find I snagged for $79!  I’ll be honest, it was tagged $99 but it was a Tuesday and that means 20% off for seniors…so I just asked nicely… and smiled. Can’t hurt to try, right? hee hee

(And not to worry, the chairs will be given a facelift, too, so they’re not so fuddy duddy)

And to think, last year I was considering replacing my 22 yr old beat up dining table for that one we saw on display at that women’s trade and design show! Remember that, Tracy? What was it, $2 grand, or something?

After my daughter moved out I took her out for a few hours of scavenger hunting at some Vancouver thrift stores and that’s where I found this sexy, leggy side table I thought she might like for her new place. I was wrong. She passed on this $17 find and so it became mine. Too bad, so sad, Sammy. You’re gonna want it when you see it painted white and looking fresh and pretty!

I have a couple more treasures to share with you at a later date. Now I’ve got to get started and do what I’m supposed to do to these pieces. I promise to post the after pictures as soon as they’re ready. Cross my heart. Check back next Monday! Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be sure to hear about the progress I’m making : )